Discover Value by Value

Goldentrust Group is located in Toronto, Canada. It was established in 2010 and so far, the company's total assets have reached hundreds of millions. Our investment tenet is not only to provide investors and partners with financial guarantees of safety, but also to create regulation, participation, win-win situations, and sustainable development to preserve and grow their assets. We provide our private equity investors with consistently strong returns that are significantly higher than what they can achieve in the public market. In order to achieve this goal, we have hired outstanding talents to provide unparalleled customer service to all clients, and our flexible capital operation skills have created an excellent return on investment for investors.


Create a natural and harmonious living space

Goldentrust Group is committed to urban renewal and regional comprehensive development. We are responsible for the entire business chain of investment, financing, land consolidation, regional planning, real estate development, engineering construction, commercial operation, and property management. The multi-regional and diversified real estate projects developed by Goldentrust improve the living environment and create a natural and harmonious living space. A collection of high-tech and brand-new concepts are leading this new trend of modernized life. To compete in the market, Goldentrust adheres to the five major advantages: rich development experience, good social resources, financial strength, professional technological innovation, and solid Goldentrust brand.


Our main business includes Goldentrust private equity funds, real estate development and investment.
Goldentrust Real Estate Investment Project focuses on the development and asset management of residential and commercial real estate projects. All projects are undertaken by our company starting from area selection, project planning, design and construction, and to the later management and maintenance. We define projects with precise vision and forward-looking development thinking, integrate professional development experience into every step of the project, and let experience continue to create value for our investment.
Goldentrust Real Estate Private Equity Fund has a large number of independently operated real estate projects, as well as projects jointly developed with large-scale Westerner trust fund companies. Our goal is not only to bring low-risk and high-return projects to investors, but also to contribute to the economic development of the investment area.
With stable returns, high-quality real estate mortgages, strict risk management, and unique corporate culture, the company has attracted a large number of loyal investors.