Rapid development advantage

Goldentrust Real Estate is a real estate developer and builder under the Toronto Goldentrust Group. Our main business is to serve luxury mansion renovation and land development.
Goldentrust Real Estate has its own design and planning company, engineering construction company, unique patent quality inspection company, first-rate after-sales service team, and other full-service construction developers. Goldentrust Group owns its own real estate trust fund company and is the only Chinese developer with strong capital, development and construction as a whole. It has a large number of independently operated real estate projects plus a number of projects that have been jointly developed with many large-scale local Westerner trust fund companies. To date, Goldentrust Real Estate has completed more than 200 real estate development projects.

Over the years, Goldentrust has built hundreds of luxury homes for the Chinese in Toronto. It is the largest, strongest, and most experienced luxury property developer in Toronto. Our projects consntantly receieve praising reviews from our customers and, most importantly, have repeatedly hit market highs.
As a senior luxury real estate developer in Toronto, we are committed to providing a full range of high-quality one-stop services for investment clients and self-occupied clients. Our services include property feng shui site selection, house purchase contracts negotiation, financing loans, prospecting and drawing, submission for approval, court review, construction supervision, and acceptance audit.
Goldentrust are the only builders in Toronto that are 100% transparent in construction details. Follow us on socials to see regular construction videos, house renovation investment lectures, and much more to have an in-depth understanding of the construction process of Goldentrust Real Estate.
We bring to life not only the home of your dreams but also the sublimation of your art.
Choose to have a strong advantage of rapid development. Choose Goldentrust.


Bella Dong

Operations Director


Lyson Xun

Senior Project Manager

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Jason Yang

Project Manager


Kirana Arbarahmi

Interior Designer


Ju Young Lee



Richard Fu

Executive Assistant


Ali Rastgoo

Project Manager


Angus Guo

Project Director

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Mingzhi Chen

Customer Service Coordinator


Sanket Jayani

Site Supervisor


Ian Ke

Site Supervisor

Joe Zhang

Joe Zhang

Senior Project Coordinator


Peng Zhang



Michael Yuen



Angeline Yung



David Cao



For more than ten years, you have accompanied and witnessed the growth of Goldentrust

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