Custom Home For People Living With Physical Disabilities


Why Home Accessibility is Important: At a basic level, building accessible homes is both respectful and fair to those living with physical disabilities, providing them with the ability to independently live in a home. Fairness, however, is only secondary to safety. Failing to ensure safe access to homes, makes it impossible for those living with…

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5 Tips For Developing The Perfect Floor Plan


Creating your perfect floor plan is no easy task. Your life is dynamic and you need something that reflects that. While building your custom home, you have the ability to design everything from its dimensions to its aesthetics, but how can you elevate your ideas to the next level? Here are our top 5 tips…

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Custom Home: 4 Ways to Reduce Construction Costs


So, You’re Thinking of Building Your Dream Custom Home So you are interested in building your custom home, but are worried about its cost. Starting a construction project can be very intimidating, especially if it’s for your forever home. No matter how you look at it, undergoing this project will be costly, but how costly…

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What is ICH and Why Should I Use it?


Throughout most of our blog posts and content we tend to talk a lot about something called ICF/ICH, but exactly is it? ICF is an acronym for Insulated concrete forms or ICH for insulated concrete house. This building technique utilizes a system of expanded polystyrene (EPS) rigid insulation blocks separated by plastic webbing. Instead of using…

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