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Goldentrust Real Estate’s unique ace development project

The launch of many ace projects of Goldentrust Real Estate every year makes us more sensitive to changes in all directions of real estate, such as land selection, preliminary budget, accelerated approval, house architectural style and decoration style, which are far better than other builders. Goldentrust’s high-standard mode arranges the construction period, which makes the construction period high-energy and effective. As it is a project entirely owned by itself, the cost budget is far superior to others. With the continuous new projects every year, Goldentrust’s procurement costs are far superior to others, the time has been doubled, and many costs have been drastically reduced.

Experience in completing many projects with high specifications

Goldentrust has hundreds of luxury home construction experience, which makes Goldentrust Real Estate one of the best in luxury home renovators. Along the way, through many detours, and paid a great price and tuition fees, only to exchange for today’s solid experience. But it is the experience gained from so many years of hard work that has become a solid foundation for cooperating with you.

A planning team that truly understands the needs of the Chinese

Not all builders can understand the real needs of the Chinese. Goldentrust Real Estate is a luxury house developer with Chinese as the core management and local Westerners as the main construction force, making communication with you completely zero barriers. Especially in Yangzhai Fengshui, cultural heritage, color and light, and conceptual materials, we can better understand your different needs.

Belongs to Goldentrust Real Estate’s own design and composition team

The design composition is the core part of the house renovation. Goldentrust Real Estate knows that you who have high requirements for the quality of life will not be satisfied with a set of pictures that have been copied many times. Goldentrust Real Estate has its own design and composition team, which is a prerequisite for you to create a personalized luxury house. The concept and design of each of our drawings are aimed at the land topography, topography and your design concept of the house, feng shui changes, house cost and other elements are integrated, and then after many communications with you, the joint completion is completely your personality. The design plan.

Goldentrust’s unique patent quality inspection and audit service

The acceptance criteria of ordinary houses are far lower than your requirements for luxury houses. Goldentrust Real Estate is unwilling to let down your trust in us. We voluntarily formulate self-monitoring guidelines that far exceed industry standards. Because in the acceptance report of Goldentrust Real Estate, it is ensured that there are no substitutes for the core part of the project, and the quality and quantity of the engineering materials are ensured. Our authoritative quality acceptance standards meet. We believe that Goldentrust’s patent quality inspection is the true standard for the acceptance of luxury houses, as well as the true embodiment of your quality requirements for luxury houses.

Transparent and intelligent project management tracking system

For you with an orderly life, the tracking of project management and project progress is an indispensable link. We know the value of time to you. Goldentrust Real Estate’s intelligent project management tracking system shows you a fully transparent project budget plan, intelligent project progress icons, unique sharing functions, etc., allowing you to monitor the progress of the entire project and the flow of funds anytime, anywhere. Make the entire project fully transparent.

Belongs to Goldentrust’s own construction team

We know that you must have strict requirements for the construction period, cost of the luxury house, and future maintenance. Goldentrust believes that only its own construction team can have a real guarantee of quality, control price fluctuations, and strictly control the project schedule. Only our own construction team can lay a solid foundation for future project maintenance and maintenance.

Strong and caring after-sales service team

We believe that your requirements for luxury houses are not only the preliminary design and construction. Later maintenance and maintenance are also indispensable requirements for you who are pursuing a high-quality life. Goldentrust Real Estate’s strong after-sales service team, whether you are an investment-type rebuilt property or a self-occupied rebuilt property, will always be your invisible shield, escorting your investment and your dream mansion.