Here Are 5 Features You Need In Your Custom House


So, you’re thinking of building your dream home. You have found a good project developer and all the necessary contractors to complete your vision, but what does that vision look like? Here are the 5 trendiest features to get in your new custom home. 1. Large Windows Bring the feeling of the great outdoors, in.…

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3 Home Development Trends 2022


New year is just around the corner, and now it’s time to sum up the year that goes away! Previously, we’ve already looked at some interior design trends, but today we’re taking a look at what building trends were on rise this year. 1. Green building. As climate change becomes more and more evident, people…

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Top 5 Color Choice Tricks From An Interior Designer


Are you in the process of designing your dream home?  If you are not a professional designer or colorist, choosing your color palette for a new home can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be!  We’ve brought together some of the best tips from designers to help you navigate the process! 1. Start with…

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ICF Gone Wrong: Importance Of An Experienced Team


Now when you know more about the benefits of ICF, you may already start to look into the developer. Here’s when the main adventure begins. Just as with the materials, picking the right contractor to do the job is very important. Of course, you may want to save and think “what can really happen if…

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